me and the wagon

Thank you guys for the kind things you've said since I, you know, fell off the wagon.

Friggin wagon.

Here are my excuses, feeble as they may be.

Things were going along peachy keen... and then I got sick.

And for the 1st week to 10 days of being sick I still managed to keep it together and ate right and lost weight...

but after about 10 days or so my cold was not going away and, instead, settled into a nice big sinus infection which sent me to the doc for antibiotics (which I'm still on).

And somewhere along that week I started gradually loosening the reigns (an extra hershey kiss here, skipping veggies there) and by the weekend I was off the wagon, sitting on the ground, with just a little drizzle of hot fudge on my chin.

metaphorically of course

But, today was a new day.

Climbed back on the stupid wagon and I'm pressing on towards a healthier future.

A little bitter and a lot embarrassed, but back on track.

Friggin wagon.

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week 8 - weigh in

Well, I gained 1/2 a pound this week.

But I'm actually okay with that.

I mean, I knew it was an off week because I've been sick for 2 weeks now and last week had a great loss, but I'm learning (slowly but surely) that these things ebb and flow a bit ... and that's okay.

Accept it and move on.

I consider half a pound somewhat negligible... so for not exercising at all, and being sick, (and not eating as many veggies as I should have) I'm going to consider this not too shabby.

Not going to get discouraged and mentally off track.

Onward and downward!!


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still here, sorta

Sorry I've been a  little MIA these days. Been sick... still... (going to the doc's Monday if not better by then).

I'm still dieting eating right, but haven't been exercising so I'm more than a little worried about weigh in tomorrow.

Just made Maypo Muffins and they're awesome.

(I used chopped dates, less honey and whole eggs btw.)

That's all for now.

week 7 - weigh in


So... most of this week I've been SICK.

Coughing, sneezing, can't breath through my nose, body aches ... you get the idea.

Thusly, I only exercised 3 times this week.

Due to these pattern changes I didn't expect much when I got on the scale this morning.

However... I somehow managed to lose 4 more pounds!!!

Well, I shouldn't say "somehow"... I mean I continued to eat right and in moderation (and resisted the urge to soothe my sickness with ice cream and corn dogs like I may or may not normally do.)

Bringing my grand total to 22.5 pounds lost!!!


Praise God from whom all Nyquil flows!!

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Tell a friend.

sick of it


I'm sick of fighting it.

I had hoped that by now (6 1/2 weeks into this thing) that I would have gotten over the hardest part... but I most definitely have not.

I'll be honest. I'm DYING for some brownies or chocolate chip cookies.


Yes, I know I could just have one cookie... and stop, like a normal person... and that wouldn't ruin my weight loss...

but, to be real with you, I don't want JUST ONE.

I want, like, a hundred maybe. Okay, 4.

I'm afraid that tasting just one would only torment me. It would remind my taste buds of how very much they've been missing.


It sucketh.

Sad smile

Oh and, yes, I've tried making healthier versions of these tempting foods. (Cookies with Splenda and wheat flour, brownies with black beans and agave nectar.)

They sucketh too.

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week 6 - weigh in

I wasn't feeling great this week, so I was a little worried about my loss potential...

and rightly so.

Only lost 1 pound this week.


But, it's better than gaining a pound, right?


This brings my total loss to 18.5 pounds.

Might as well do a somewhat forced Happy Dance.