the BEFORE pic ... kinda

I'll be honest. I'm not going to show you how I really look.

Just yet.

Hopefully the day will come that I'll feel comfortable enough to show full body shots (shudder in horror)... but that day is not today.

For now, I will LEAP out of my comfort zone (oh how I love you, sweet comfort zone!) and show a pic that I would N EEEEEEEE VER have posted to the world before... a shot that doesn't cover half my face (and chins) like I typically post (like the upper left shot).


I've become a master at blogging only pics in which something or someone is "coincidentally" in front of part of me. The camera covering my double chins, the kids on my lap hiding the tummy rolls... you get the idea.

I will admit that this picture is over a year old, too, and I have gained weight since then. But this is the best I can do today. And I take this giant leap into uncomfortable land ONLY in an effort to BE REAL and to prove to anyone out there who shares my battle with weight that I really am in the trenches beside you.

Stay tuned for *possible* further leaps into transparency if I can ever muster the nerve.

Comments and support would help move that process along by the way!!!! :)


  1. Love you! Love you! Love you! Not only do you speak my heart with this whole post, but the WAY you want to lose the weight is very similar to how I want to lose the weight. I don't want to do some "diet." I just want to very slowly change the way I live. I want to become HEALTHIER and in the process I trust that I will also lose weight. However, I've read the "Healthy at Any Size" book and it has really reframed the way I think about weight. If I don't lose the whole 100 I think would be absolutely ideal...if my body feels more comfortable at a fluffier weight but my healthy improves immensely, I will be giddy just the same. Good for you for posting a pic! That's tough. I am *SO* in on the same sorts of pics. There's always a kid in front of me, or I take a million photos of my face until I get one where I only have 1.5 chins instead of 4. I think I might have to post a pic of myself on my blog in honor of your brave photo over here. =-)

    1. Thank you, Anita!!! :) "1.5 chins instead of 4"... ha!! I so understand!! :) Please JOIN the blog and keep coming back! I need all the support I can get! :)

    2. Have no doubt, I have subscribed and you show up on my google reader every time there's a new post! =-)

  2. Good for you girl! It's hard for sure at first, but you just hang in there and be strong and YOU CAN DO IT!!! I had lost 70lbs back a couple years ago and have gained 45 of it back, so I have just started again trying to lose the extra weight and want to KEEP it OFF this time! I'll be back checking on you and if you ever want to call or get together to walk, or just talk and have a play date with the kids I would LOVE it!

    1. I hear ya! I've gained and lost over 100 pounds over the years, but I know it'll be worth it to really kick this thing. I so appreciate your support! (join please!) :)


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