anybody "Kinect"?

I LOVE to dance. L-O-V-E.

(in my bathroom where no one can see me)

We have an X-box and I'd like to get one of the fitness / dance / exercise games but I'm not sure which one.

I'm assuming that they're designed for people who are NOT overweight and, in fact, are quite fit... (judging from the swimsuit model on the cover over there) so I'm concerned that they'll be too much for me at this point in time.

Anybody have any or have seen any and know of some that are not quite so high intensity for someone just getting back into working out?

On a similar note - anybody have a dance/exercise DVD that they really love that doesn't go at break-neck speed?

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  1. I have the Zumba one in the pic above, and yes, it is hard! 20 mins of my best attempt to keep up, and I looked like I'd just disembarked from the Maiden of the Mist ride at Niagra Falls...and don't let the name fool you! The ones I have tried are for Wii, and I found Wii Active to be better paced for some of us less fit personas. There must be a Kinect equivalent out there. Best wishes! I envy your perseverance!

  2. zumba is great - but intense. Walk away the pounds is a great work out and very very achievable.


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