birthday = temptation

A couple of days ago was my birthday, so I wanted to share how that went.

I decided AHEAD OF TIME that I was going to have a small plate of Chinese food (mostly NOT FRIED) and made cupcakes instead of a whole cake so that I could easily eat a SINGLE SERVING.

One Cupcake.

I also bought 'light' ice cream and planned to have 1 small scoop.

Did I succeed with my plan??




It was not easy lemetellya ... smelling that chocolate and knowing there were lots of leftovers... (which I promptly threw away so I wouldn't be tempted any further. Gotta know my limitations!) but I stuck to it!

Prayed for strength and pushed on towards the goal!


  • breakfast: 2 wheat toast w/ peanut butter & natural jam, skim milk
  • snack: coffee (1st cup in a week!) w/ Splenda (bleck) & a little cream
  • lunch: small serving of BBQ chicken & veggies
  • snack: Slimfast shake
  • supper: pork chop suey, 1 crab rangoon, a little rice
  • dessert: 1 cupcake, 1 small scoop light ice cream


  1. Good girl! I remember when I first started my diet I would do WHATEVER I had to do with the leftover food to not eat it. Dump water on it, throw it in the trash, pour hot sauce on it...whatever needed to be done at the time. You are doing good!

    1. Yeah, I'm ashamed to say I've had to do that about a kazillion times over my dieting years too. Squirt mustard on it or make sure it's buried in the trash - under something disgusting! ;) Thanks for your encouragement! :)

  2. Well done, Chantelle. Good way to mediate some of the temptations that are so entrenched in our traditions!

    1. Thanks, Jen! Yeah, if it was only me then I probably would have skipped the cake altogether this soon after starting my weight loss journey - but with all the kiddos expecting a "normal" party, I thought a compromise might be in order. :)

  3. Way to go! And on your birthday, no deserve a medal!

    I don't have kids but I can imagine that it must be extra tough to manage your diet when there are kids at home, especially on celebration days where they want/expect the cake and the treats (but you're the one who has to resist the leftovers!).

    And happy belated birthday!

    1. Thanks, Jane! :) I really appreciate you commenting. Comments keep me going! :) :)


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