diverse skinny women

Glozell is one of my favorite YouTubers.

She keeps it real (and doesn't use a slew of dirty words to be funny) and I admire the socks off her courage to just BE HERSELF and not hide her less than Hollywood perfect body behind camera angles, smoke and mirrors.

If you've ever watched America's Next Top Model than her spoof on Tyra Banks will crack you up.

Come on, admit it. Do you watch American's Next Top Model??

If not, what's your 'guilty pleasure' TV show? You know, mindless nonsense that entertains you... but you'd rather the ladies at church don't find out? ;)


  • breakfast: 1 homemade wheat toast w/ peanut butter & natural jam
  • lunch: salad w/ a little chicken curry leftovers
  • snack: slimfast shake w/ banana
  • supper: pesto chicken w/ wheat pasta & green beans
  • snack: boiled egg & squash, 1/2 of a '90 calorie' snack cake

tons of water & 25 minutes on the treadmill


  1. i used to watch ANTM religiously!!! then for some reason i just quit keeping up with it. love it though!

    i can't watch the video cause it would take me 10 years on this wifi connection from my phone...lol

    but I am a HUGE reality tv junkie!! and am not afraid to admit my horrible shows I watch:

    teen mom (ALL seasons, haven't missed an episode)
    16 and pregnant ( " ")
    real housewives of BH
    real housewives of atlanta
    TRUE BLOOD! (can't wait for this season!!)
    Biggest Loser
    Khloe and Lamar

    WOW, omg, now that I look at my list it's pretty pathetic!!! haha
    no wonder I am fat! ;oP

    1. I hear ya! Reality tv is my all time favorite! :)


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