food intake

I realized I haven't been posting many food journal entries - mostly because I figure it'll bore the socks off you - but it does keep me accountable. So far I haven't "broken" my healthy eating plan at all... which I'm so thankful for! Here's yesterday:

  • breakfast: 1 homemade whole wheat toast/ peanut butter/  natural jam
  • snack: homemade carrot juice
  • lunch: salad & boiled egg
  • snack: slimfast shake w/ banana
  • supper: curry chicken, peas, 1 wheat chapati
  • snack: 1 (100 calorie) hostess snack pack

I drink water almost constantly throughout the day every day. Also I've exercised for at least 20 minutes 8 of the past 11 days that I've been on this journey to health. (so much easier to say "diet", but I'm trying to shake that mentality!)

I feel pretty good about the balance of protein, whole grains, fiber, healthy oils, fruit and vegetables I've been eating overall. The only thing I do want to 'eventually' eliminate is the slimfast and artificially sweetened treats. But for the moment they are helping!

I have lost more weight - (yes, I've been peaking at the scale!) - but I won't report it until my weekly weigh in on Friday. :)

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  1. I saw this recipe today and for some reason I thought of you. I am going to make it this week. You may hate it - but I thought I would send it your way!

    Quinoa Cowboy Caviar

    You are an inspiration!

    1. Lisa, that was so sweet of you! Would you believe I've never actually cooked with 'quinoa'? Looks interesting! Thank you! :)

  2. omg! that squirrel is positively a cute little chunk!! (that IS a squirrel, right?!) LOL

    can't wait to hear your weigh in weight loss!!

    1. Isn't he cute!? Thanks for the comment, Trisha!

  3. Not sure how I missed TWO posts! This is awesome. I'm a total scale freak. I admit I have a sickness. I weight every morning and every night. I know...STUPID to do. Can't wait to hear your new weight loss!!!


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