I choose DO! (+ a question for you)

Wow. Since I started my weight loss journey last week, I've been looking for other weight loss blogs... and I found a TERRIFYING TREND.

Abandoned blogs.

As I scroll around the site, looking for signs of life, I can almost hear the pain of failure echoing off the pages.

Failure. How very well I know it.

I want SO MUCH to believe that THIS IS IT for me. That failure is a thing of the past. That my 24 years of dieting unsuccessfully has finally come to an end and HEALTH is just around the corner...

but seeing all these FAILURES is a little daunting and brings back so many hard memories.

But... I press on.

I choose to believe that TODAY IS NOT YESTERDAY.

And in the wise words of Yoda...

DO or DO NOT. There is no TRY.

Can anybody recommend some other weight loss blogs of women currently losing or maintaining a big loss?


  1. I was looking for blogs to follow about a month ago. The best advice I got was to check out the blogs that other people are following. I've started to get quite a big list...

    1. Thanks - I'll check out your list! :)

  2. I love "The Token Fat Girl" and "Real Fat" (although she is on hiatus right now). Also "Fat. Boy. Thin." for the male perspective.

    And, of course...my own blog! As much as I love hearing what others have to say, it's also really valuable to go back and read about my own successes/learning from my failures.

    I love reading your posts. Please do not give up!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, Jane. I'll look into them! And thank you for your encouraging words. I really appreciate it! :)


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