week 5 - Weigh In

IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week I lost 4.5 pounds!!!!!!

Bringing my total for the past 5 weeks to 17.5 pounds lost!!!

Happy Dance time!


breakfast: 1 piece homemade wheat toast, w/ smart balance & natural jam, plus 6 or 7 almonds & coffee with a little sweetened creamer.

snack: pineapple smoothie (w/ yogurt, soymilk, and a little honey)

lunch: big salad

snack: blueberry smoothie (w/ yogurt, soymilk and a little honey)

another snack: 100 calorie cupcake pac (very snacky day!!!)

supper: spicy glazed chicken thighs, salad

snack: strawberry smoothie (w/ yogurt, soymilk and a little honey) (sensing a theme here?) and wheat toast w/ natural jam


  1. You're doing so well! Congratulations!! :D

  2. You are an inspiration!!! Way to go!! Isn't it so worth it? :)

  3. YEA!!!!!!!!!! You go, girl!!! Keep it up so I have you as inspiration :-)


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