week 8 - weigh in

Well, I gained 1/2 a pound this week.

But I'm actually okay with that.

I mean, I knew it was an off week because I've been sick for 2 weeks now and last week had a great loss, but I'm learning (slowly but surely) that these things ebb and flow a bit ... and that's okay.

Accept it and move on.

I consider half a pound somewhat negligible... so for not exercising at all, and being sick, (and not eating as many veggies as I should have) I'm going to consider this not too shabby.

Not going to get discouraged and mentally off track.

Onward and downward!!


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still here, sorta

Sorry I've been a  little MIA these days. Been sick... still... (going to the doc's Monday if not better by then).

I'm still dieting eating right, but haven't been exercising so I'm more than a little worried about weigh in tomorrow.

Just made Maypo Muffins and they're awesome.

(I used chopped dates, less honey and whole eggs btw.)

That's all for now.